Xpress Payments Holds New Year’s Party

On the afternoon of 12th January 2019, Management and staff of Xpress Payments gathered at Ikeja Golf Club to celebrate the undying solidarity and love they share as a squad.
Unlike most traditional companies that end the year with a party, the squad of over 100 people with their loved ones used this as a starting point to spark their creativity for the year. Award categories like:
• Behind-the-scene staff of the year - Adams Jimoh
• Most innovative staff of the year - Idris Balogun
• Overall staff of the year – Taofeek Gidado amongst other categories were won.
The MD and CEO, Oluwadare Owolabi celebrated the staff for jobs well done in 2018 and looked forward to a greater year in 2019. It was a cheerful time spent together with a lot of fun. The employees expressed how much the company appreciated their hard work over the last year as plaques, gift items and cash prices were awarded to over 22 members of staff with high productivity.
Owolabi outlined the growth of Xpress Payments over the last few years of its integration and reemphasized the need to do more in the new year to place the brand on frontline in the industry.
Alhaji Awa-Ibraheem, board of Directors’ Vice-chairman rewarded another set of staff with commendable performances, encouraged everyone to contribute their best to the growth of the company and wished all staff a happy New Year.
The big bash, like all staff ceremonies was filled with different meal. Afterwards, games were played: musical chairs, spelling bees among several others.
A session was dedicated to comedy from one of the company’s talented staff who made the whole audience shriek with laughter. It was followed by an impressive performance executed by the comedian and one other talented members of staff (they both recorded the company’s corporate jingle) which was delivered as entertainment during the party. It was indeed a day like no other.

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